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I was not aware of how much writing one post could mean to me until I wrote about my struggle with postpartum depression.  The experience in its entirety has been most rewarding to me and I couldn’t feel this way if it wasn’t for YOU lovely people, who read this blog, shared this blog and wrote to me with the following kind response;

“What a great post!!!! Thank you for sharing that!!! You have a total gift! I too had really bad PPD and knew I had to take charge of the situation the second time around… Thank you for sharing your story!” Mompreneur with 2 Children under the age of 5

I think I had some depression after ***** was born, it was more towards the anxiety side, it’s an awful feeling. Good for you for writing this blog. I’ve known a few friends and my good neighbour friend across the street who have had it, each to very different degrees! It can be so scary and no need to suffer alone or be ashamed.” Kennedy SAHM to 4 children under the age of 10

“It’s real life’s struggles and truth. And very important to read and understand, as MANY women have gone through similar situations! So enjoy the read, the knowledge. Thank you, Janette, for sharing your “all” about “everything”! I am very happy I met you! ” Tammy P – Mompreneur with 2 children.

“It’s nice to hear from other people,e that it is ok to feel like your falling apart! I wish more people would be honest about what actually goes on, it would make those that feel like they are loosing see that all of us do at some point. Love you bud and keep on writing. xo” Taryn Mommy to 2 children under the age of 5

“A pretty real post from my SIL about her struggle with postpartum depression. I was so lucky with Carter to not even have had five minutes of the “baby blues,” but this pregnancy has been a lot different than Carter’s was right from the beginning, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried that post partum depression will also be a part of this experience. At least I know I’ll have support in my life should that come to be. Well said, sister!” Amber on maternity leave with 1 ever so handsome young lad, 3 years old and another on the way!


Those are just some of the responses that have come my way, I’ve had many shares by companies, by my friends, my family.  Though I will admit, I’ve been a put pushy within my social media networks but only because I know that this topic deserves so much more attention than the hush behind closed doors. THANK YOU to those of you, who have put up with my constant posting! I lurve you!

I did tear up at many points while writing that blog and it wasn’t because I was sad, quite the contrary, it felt relieving to give my experience with PPD a voice.  It was not a faceless monster hiding in the nursery, or that quite whisper behind any closed door, it was my real and it happened. Knowing that I had people who were listening and that with my words, I could make someone else feel a bit more ok, is precisely what brought out those tears and feelings of joy! I am proud of what I wrote!

Over the last 5-6 years, there have been many situations, where I have given more power to a person, place or thing than required. I say given because I never asked for it back! For someone reason, at this moment in time, every one of those moments has now become clearer to me and throughout much self-reflection of this past summer, I have been afforded the opportunity to see how everything that has happened has led me to the next place. Almost, as if I saw the last few years as a puzzle slowly being put together, now I am left with a chance to put it into perspective and make a change.

I think as women we often will turn things into a something MORE or BIGGER than is needed and that would be our emotional side taking over.  Thank goodness for my husband’s patience and rationality, he has always been able to point out my moments of GIVING power to people, situations, and environments that are simply not worth it!

My previous post was shared on a few mommy sites and some questions have arisen, as soon as I am approved on those sites, I can answer any and all questions.  Same goes for here, if you have read the post or do read that post and have a question, please know I am an open book.  You can ask me anything and clearly… no judgment! Email me at I am MORE than happy to chat,  ANYTIME to answer questions, or clarify anything or just listen!



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